Generators and Backup Power


Most of us take power for granted, until it’s gone.  Then our minds quickly think of everything in our homes that won’t work without it, and how much damage the absence of power can cause.  Sump pumps, wells, freezers, and refrigerators rely on our power being on continuously or we risk flooded basements, mold damage, or food spoilage. Whether it is due to unpredictable weather or unforeseen reasons, power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer.

Protect yourself from the devastating effects power outages can have on your family and home with a residential standby generator. A standby generator goes on – automatically – protecting your home 24/7 365 days a year. Let Bell Electric, Inc. tailor a generator to your needs and budget depending on how much or how little power you require or want during the next power outage.

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